Three Reasons to Choose Atlantic Hearing Care

  1. Professional Services of Experienced Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists:

    McCormack and her staff are continually being trained on the latest technology and best practices in the evaluation of hearing and the fitting of hearing aids and assistive listening devices. We are the only private practice in the area to perform live speech mapping using VeriFIT real ear measurement to fine tune your hearing aids for the best possible performance. This procedure has been described as a “must have” by Consumer Reports, who used audiologists to evaluate fittings in their research. Audiologists are uniquely trained in the evaluation of hearing to determine the type and amount of hearing loss and fitting of hearing aids. The FDA regulates hearing aids and recommends that you consider going to an Audiologist for your hearing health needs.

    American Board of AudiologyNational Board for Certification  in Hearing Instrument Sciences
  2. Locally Owned and Operated:

    Atlantic Hearing Care is independently owned by Dr. Joan McCormack. Dr. McCormack has lived and worked on the North Shore as an audiologist and manager of hearing centers for over 30 years. We are not a franchise, we do not work for a manufacturer, we are not on commission. We have the freedom to choose the best hearing aids to meet your individual needs, lifestyle and budget from a variety of manufacturers.

  3. Best Value for Your Investment:

    Our Total Listening Care program includes an extended repair warranty and loss and damage insurance to protect your purchase. We include four years of batteries and an annual 10 point service check to keep your aids working at their best. We want you to be delighted and to feel you have gotten the best value and professional services for your investment.

Our Mission

  • To provide the highest quality audiology services and products for our patients to achieve the best possible hearing and communication.
  • To increase awareness of available help for hearing loss through patient, family and community education.
  • To advocate for hearing conservation through patient education and products for hearing protection.

Our goal at Atlantic Hearing Care is to provide the best possible hearing care based upon your individual needs. We provide a comprehensive array of services related to prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of hearing impairment.

Who We Are

Joan McCormack, Au.D.

Joan McCormack, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology

Joan McCormack, Au.D.

Salus University, 2004

Joan founded Atlantic Hearing Care in 2007 upon her extensive experience from over 30 years of providing and managing hearing healthcare services.   Previous positions include Regional Manager for HearUSA,  Director of Communication Disorders at New England Rehabilitation Hospital and Director of Audiology at Union Hospital. Joan received her Doctorate in Audiology from Salus University in 2004, her M.A. in Audiology from the University of Connecticut in 1980 and her B.S. in Speech and Hearing from Northeastern University in 1978.  She is  Board Certified in Audiology and is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology.  She is active in professional and community groups as a past Board Member of the Massachusetts Academy of Audiology and Past President of the Swampscott Rotary Club (2010-1011) and is currently on the Board of the Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor and is the Advisor to the Rotary ElderAct Club of Swampscott and Marblehead.

She is passionate about providing the best possible hearing products and services to children and adults and feels fortunate every day to have such a wonderful group of patients and their families.

Lisa M. Carnevale, B.S., BC- HIS

Lisa M. Carnevale, B.S., BC- HIS
Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Lisa M. Carnevale, B.S., BC- HIS

Salem State University, 1988

Lisa joined Atlantic Hearing Care in 2013 following over 25 years of providing and managing hearing care services, most recently as co-owner of Brookline Hearing Services.  Prior to that she was the Operations Manager for HearUSA where she and Joan first worked together. After receiving a B.S. in Business Administration from Salem State University in 1988 she started her career working for the former Thomas Fell Company and became a Hearing Instrument Specialist in 1992.  She demonstrated her commitment to continuing education by achieving Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences in June of 2014.   Lisa enjoys helping her patients get the most benefit they can from their hearing aids and assistive listening devices.  Her warm and friendly personality puts patients and their families at ease.

Karen Tracchia

Karen Tracchia
Patient Coordinator

Karen Tracchia

Karen joined Atlantic Hearing Care in 2007 as Patient Coordinator, bringing many years of experience from local medical offices. She is the first person to greet you when you come in and will make you feel welcome.  Karen is very organized and and will make sure  we have all the information needed to ensure your appointments go smoothly.


Patient Stories and Testimonials

“My hearing aids were a big investment but also the best purchase I ever made!”

Ken Bogus

“I can’t believe the difference in my hearing, I’m glad I went ahead with this. It has made a big difference at work, especially in large meetings.”

Scott Rowland

“These are my fourth set of hearing aids. These have been amazing, really. Using the streamer for the phone is incredibly helpful to me.”

Robert Ledoux

“Getting my hearing aids was the best thing I ever did!”

Helen Mace

“Wonderful, competent service. I recommend Joan McCormack to all who need help with their hearing.”

Diana Goldberg

“I didn’t realize what I had been missing; the hearing aids have changed my life. No one notices them, even with my hair in a ponytail. I recommend hearing aids to everyone. I can hear birds, it is like getting my life back. It’s awesome!”

Beverly Ratts

“My life has changed so much since getting these hearing aids. I can go and meet people and actually participate in the conversation again. Before them I felt like background. Music sounds wonderful again. I used to think my car radio was terrible. Now I know it was my ears. It is incredible how such tiny things no one can see have such an ability to change your life.

Marty Amberg

“Very caring Audiologist with many years of experience; gives the patient confidence in accepting something new.”

Christine Banville, R.N.

“I have been very impressed with your solicitude after purchase.”

Arthur Errion, M.D.

“You are wonderful, extremely knowledgeable. The office is clean and friendly with great service.”

Gail Brown

“My friends didn’t know I got hearing aids and I beat them at Mahjong… I could hear which tiles were called and did not have to look! …. I was a dummy before without my hearing aids; I would just sit and watch, now I hear everything!! I had the best Thanksgiving because I did could talk to people and hear them clearly.”

Rose Shaffer

“It is so nice to hear in stereo with both ears on the phone (using Oticon Streamer). And not to keep asking people ‘What?’”

Bill Leach

“Thank you! It has been so good for him to be able to hear again. Now I have to quiet down. It has been unbelievable, we laugh all the time. They (the hearing aids) have changed us, now we are joking all the time. It has been a big adjustment for me also, I used to have to go everywhere with him to interpret. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Norma Leach, wife of Bill

“I think my new aids have made communication a lot easier not only from a home perspective but also a work perspective. Especially in difficult situations like groups and one on one or even walking down the street. Being able to listen to TV again (with the Siemens TEK) without earphones or having it too loud because the kids are asleep is wonderful.”

Jack Harris

“I would encourage any of my friends with hearing loss to see Joan and try hearing aids. They have changed my life and my family and friends appreciate that change”

Ron Rainer