Our sense of hearing is fundamental to participating fully in life, it is what keeps us connected to those we love. Untreated hearing loss can lead to social isolation, depression and poor health.  Recent research has shown that well fit hearing aids improve quality of life and may help prevent memory and cognitive decline by keeping people engaged and stimulating the hearing and language areas of the brain.

Hearing aids are a medical necessity but are not covered by most insurance.  Dr. McCormack recently started a non-profit to help people get hearing aids and assistive listening devices. The mission of the North Shore Hearing Foundation is to increase access to quality hearing care and devices for people of very low income, up to 250% of the federal poverty level.

For adults over age 60 the foundation works with professionals at the local Councils on Aging to identify people who need this service and help them complete the financial aid application. To inquire about help for children or people under age 60 please contact Dr. McCormack directly. Staff of Atlantic Hearing Care donate their time and expertise. Several of the hearing aid manufacturers donate or discount their hearing aids and accessories for the foundation. How Can You Help??

  1. Donate funds to help provide the gift of hearing
  2. Donate gently used hearing aids
  3. Volunteer to help fund raise or with the clinic paperwork

Call us at 781-581-1500 for more information

Link to the website (www.nshearingfoundation.com)